Safe Sex and Personal Hygiene for Sydney Brothel Work


While working in the sex industry it is important to take your personal hygiene seriously. Adopting a high standard with your personal hygiene will reduce your risk of STIs and contact with other pathogens.

Hand washing

Using soap and water is sufficient for cleaning your hands. It is important to do a thorough job by washing between your fingers, wrists and partway up your forearms. Wash your hands before and after any sexual contact, including massage. All body fluids and lubricant that get on your hands should be washed off as soon as possible. Wash your hands after going to the toilet, before and after preparing and consuming food and cleaning work.

Wearing gloves

While gloves protect your hands against germs, it is important to sanitise before and after wearing them. The buildup of warmth and perspiration inside the gloves can cause leftover germs to multiply. When you remove the gloves, you can transfer germs onto your skin.


Escorts need to carry hand sanitiser with them to jobs just in case there is no soap where you are going. Sanitisers are not effective if your hands are dirty or have body fluids on them.

Body hygiene

If your body comes into contact with lubricant, blood, mucous, semen and other body fluids it is important to shower or wash the area of contact. Because bacteria can survive on the outside of your body STIS can exist on your skin, bedding, towels and clothing for a period of time. For a good hygiene routine, you should shower every day. Wash the contact areas of your body after anal or vaginal sexual intercourse. Don’t use soap to rinse out your anus or vagina as this dries you out and makes you more susceptible to STIs and infection. Warm water is safest. If you have a shower after every client, your skin may become dry so a good skincare routine is essential.

Client hygiene

Wherever possible a client should shower or wash their hands and sexual parts with soap and water before sex or massage. Put all flannels and towels used by each client into the laundry. It is best to have single-use cakes of soap or pump pack of liquid soap. A cake of soap should not be shared between yourself and clients. For each client use clean bedding or put a clean large towel on the bed so their body avoids contact with the sheets. Put the used towel in the laundry as soon as you have finished with your client. All other linen that the client has come into contact with needs to go straight into the laundry after service.